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Traditional Tactical
Jujutsu classes


Self Defense


Private Lessons
& Seminars

Traditional Tactical jujutsu, it’s the self-defense system that teaches technics of joint locking, throws and weaponry. 

Our class program is aimed to all ages such as children, teenagers, adults and seniors. We take care of each stage of the student's life and each level of learning.

You can have the opportunity of learning jujutsu and develop your mental and physical strength, and in that way be secure of yourselve.

The question of whether one is capable of defending oneself or loved ones in the event of a attack is one that many of us contemplate but may be hesitant to confront. Regrettably, violence is a pervasive aspect of life for many individuals. However, regardless of one's strength, size, or experience, self-defense techniques can be learned. Our class program caters to individuals of all ages, including children, teenagers, adults, and seniors, and is designed to accommodate each stage of a student's life and level of learning.

The private lessons offer you a greater flexibility and are very recommended to people who have an specific schedule for their training, at the same time we encourage foreign visitors to take a private lesson while they’re in the city.

The training is totally personalized by a highly qualified instructor that provides confidence and motivation.

We can be your support in seminaries specialized in small or big groups of people interested in learning about theory, practice, mastery and improvement of techniques.

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