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Ethics and values

The principal values of ju-jutsu come from the samurai.  All ju-jutsu students are expected to make these fundamental values part of their behavior, applying them in and out of the dojo.


Gi (rectitude)

This implies making the right decision in every situation and doing it without hesitation, this means the honorable one.


Yu (heroism)

Clearly this meant something different in Feudal Japan than nowadays.  There are opportunities to participate in heroism, that includes bravery for taking risks in our position, status, or self-interest.

What is  Jujutsu?

The term “jujutsu” can mean soft or pliable art. This can be interpreted to refer to methods of combat that employ the principle of “ju”: flexibility or softness in the execution of techniques.


Traditional Japanese jujutsu and aiki-jujutsu were developed and employed by the samurais on the battlefields of Feudal Japan and later expanded during the Edo Period.


The technical spectrum of jujutsu typically includes sophisticated joint locks, immobilizations, strangulations, throws, and paralyzing blows to subdue or disable an opponent.

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